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The Preschool Program at Flex Gymnastics is a fun program that introduces our youngest athletes to gymnastics. This program is offered for our toddler aged girls and boys. They will benefit from organized instruction focusing on fine and gross motor skills, flexibility, strength, listening skills, spatial awareness, independence, and the joy of movement. The Preschool Program at Flex is a great springboard to higher levels of gymnastics, as well as any other athletic pursuits in the future.

$50 Annual Fee & Monthly Tuition

Not sure which class is right for you?                             

Bouncing Babes

Flex Gymnastics Bouncing Babes gymnasts are introduced to the sport with the support of the coach and a guardian. Bouncing Babes class is a structured environment featuring music and movement, working on fine and gross motor skills. This is the perfect class to get moving with your child while giving them the security of your presence as they explore their new gymnastics world.

Ages 18 months to 3 years

Once a Week: 45 Minutes

Monthly Cost: $85

Mighty Mites

Flex Gymnastics Mighty Mites is designed for 4-year-old to 5-year-old gymnasts ready to follow the direction of a coach. Introductory skills, strength, and flexibility will be developed in a structured, fun, and happy environment. Gymnasts in Mighty Mites will develop proper techniques of foundational skills on all 4 gymnastic events (vault, bars, beam, floor), leading to a stress-free transition to Flex's Recreational Program.

Ages 4 and 5 years

Once a Week: 45 Minutes

Monthly Cost: $95

Tiny Tots

Flex Gymnastics Tiny Tots is an independent (without guardian) class for 3-year old's that allows them the opportunity to begin working on foundational skills for vault, bars, beam and floor. Tiny Tots will learn to follow directions of the coach and begin working on introductory body shapes and techniques that will be used for the rest of their gymnastics career. Social, directional, and gymnastic skills learned in Tiny Tots will contribute to safety and success as athletes as they advance to higher classes.

Age 3

Once a Week: 45 Minutes

Monthly Cost: $95

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