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Team Gymnastics

Flex Gymnastics competes in the USA Gymnastics Excel Program and the USAG Optional Program. The Excel Program allows young competitive gymnasts to concentrate on gaining skills while focusing routines on what they do well. Flex begins competition with our Bronze level team, progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire.

Because of its emphasis on fundamental skill development and individual strengths, the Excel Program is ideal preparation to feed into Optional Gymnastics. Flex offers USAG Level 6-10 with a comprehensive program including a full competitive schedule, and the opportunity to advance as far as the athlete's skill and heart can take them.

$50 Annual Fee & Monthly Tuition

Not sure which class is right for you?                             

Join Competitive Gymnastics at Flex!

Team Gymnastics at Flex is a year-round pursuit requiring commitment from athletes, their families, and the staff at Flex Gymnastics. The competitive aspect of team gymnastics requires diligent effort, consistent attendance of practice, perseverance, humility, love of facing challenges, love of gymnastics, and love of being on a team. While the personal investment is high, the payoff of team gymnastics is even greater, as the athletes gain self-esteem, confidence, and respect for fellow competitors. The bonds created through all the hard work last a lifetime.

Team Tryouts will be held - email for more information

Ages 5 and up
5 hours a week at Bronze level up to 18 hours a week for Optional Level

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